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Our self-directed residencies are flexible and research-focused, allowing artists to explore without pressure. However, some participants choose to do a mini-residency in conjunction to their exhibition at the Razklon Gallery, while others organise events in Tsarino or Chorbadzhiysko.


Self-directed residencies hosted so far:


2023 Outimaija Hakala – see Razklon

2022 Sophia Boeschoten 

2022 Jonne Väisänen & Leevi Toija – see Razklon

2021 Lisa Smithson & Lee McDonald – see Razklon

2021 Asa Palenga – see Razklon

2021 Emma Musty

Lisa Smithson, Smooky's New Outfit, 2021

Self-directed residencies 2021–2024

Ivo Kamenov (born in Tsarino) and Lisa Smithson performing a duet on chainsaw & trumpet, 2021

Lee McDonald, Something in the sky, 2021

Lisa Smithson, Windsock, 2021

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