We sympathise with the victims of the coronavirus and their loved ones. Due to COVID-19 we do not currently recommend travelling to Tsarino, and we cannot yet say when the circumstances will allow for an artist residency again. We do, however, accept applications for the Razklon Gallery. This roadside showcase was officially opened on 6th June 2020. The isolated location of the showcase naturally provides a safe place in the current corona crisis, far away from the virus and the crowds. To add extra visibility, all works in the showcase are carefully documented and published online. This way, we hope to continue functioning as an art platform, hosting artists from all around the world. 

The Razklon Gallery is fully booked until December 2021. We will accept applications for the 2022 programme between 1st August and 31st October 2021. For more info, see Razklon Gallery.

AiR programmes, partly funded by the foundation

Periodically, we organise an artist-in-residency programme partly funded by the foundation. We say partly because we do expect a small financial contribution from the artist (€40 per week) towards food, petrol and use of the facilities. Accommodation and studio space are provided free of charge.


Artists on a low income can receive a discount on their contribution by volunteering for the foundation one week before or after the residency to help set or tidy up (depending on availability).


Currently, there is no open call.


To find out more, please watch this space for the next open call or subscribe to our newsletter.


Self-directed residencies, funded by the artist

It is also possible for artists to come on their own accord and do a self-funded, independent residency in Tsarino. Artists are welcome throughout the year, depending on the availability of foundation members.


Please note that due to COVID-19 we do not currently recommend travelling to Tsarino, however, this may change — if you would like to do a residency with us please inform yourself about the current situation regarding COVID-19 in Bulgaria and send us an email to discuss the possibilities. 
We charge per week for the use of accommodation, studio space, and facilities. The amount will be dependent on the artist's requirements and will be agreed upon before the commencement of the residency.


For artists on a low income, there are opportunities to receive a discount through volunteer work. The nature of this work and the discounted amount will be agreed upon prior to the residency. Drop us a line to discuss possibilities, as there are many!