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Due to the pandemic, travelling to Tsarino may be difficult. If you are interested in doing a residency with us please inform yourself about the current situation regarding COVID-19 in Bulgaria and/or send us an email to discuss the possibilities. 


As an alternative, we show works by artists from all over the world in the Razklon Gallery. This is a showcase located in the midst of nature, next to a dusty road where local cows make their daily trip to their pastures. For more info, see Razklon.

AiR group programmes, funded by the foundation

Periodically, we organise an artist-in-residency group programme partly funded by the foundation. We say partly because we do expect a small financial contribution from the artist (€40 per week) towards food, petrol and use of the facilities. Accommodation and studio space are provided free of charge. Group programmes held in summer can accommodate up to twelve people in private rooms.


Currently, there is no open call for a group residency but we are accepting applications for our individual pilot programme (see below).


If you would like to be kept up to date on our open calls and other information you can subscribe to our newsletter.


PILOT: Self-directed residencies

The foundation has run a number of full board group residencies in the past and is now in the process of setting up a more independent residency programme that will be ongoing. As this self-guided residency programme is still under development, the foundation currently runs a pilot programme. The pilot lasts 1 year (until the end of 2022) and provides artists with a 40% discount on their stay.

Artists who participate in our pilot programme are asked for feedback and documentation of their working process to help us set up the programme and demonstrate its importance in a future funding application.


For those who would like to contribute to the maintenance or renovation of the village and its facilities, the foundation also offers volunteering work for a further reduction of the price (max. 5 days per month). We have a number of jobs to choose from, ranging from gardening (depending on the season) to renovations and other DIY jobs. 



Each artist (duos/groups also welcome) in the self-guided pilot programme will have their own private house including a bedroom (bed, wood-fired heater, carpet, chair), studio (desk, wood-fired heater or fireplace, chair), small kitchen (small gas stove and/or wood-fired stove/fireplace, cold water tap, sink) and outdoor toilet + wood-fired shower. They may also use the large outdoor communal kitchen.


The foundation currently uses seven habitable houses which have been renovated on a very basic level. In recent years, the foundation has improved the general facilities by reinstating old water lines, rebuilding parts of the road network, constructing an outdoor kitchen and setting up a solar-powered electrical charging station. However, because of its remote location and being off-grid, the conditions remain very basic.

Currently, the self-directed pilot programme can accommodate up to two artists or artist duos at a time, or an artist group of up to six people (spread over two houses).


Each artist (or artist duo/group) will have a dedicated studio inside their own house, furnished with a desk, chair and wood-fired heater or fireplace. All artists will receive weekly project assistance and help with other things they may need.

For more information about our facilities, see About: Facilities.


Currently, the foundation does not receive external funding. This means that all investments and work to facilitate the AiR programmes come from its members and volunteers. 


We charge per month for the use of accommodation, studio space and facilities (shorter stays can be discussed). The amount depends on the artist's requirements and will be agreed upon before the commencement of the residency.


As we want our programme to be accessible, we try to keep the price low. The pilot runs for 1 year and provides artists with a 40% discount on their stay. Including this discount, the price comes down to (roughly) €250–€400 per month, depending on the artist's needs and whether or not they wish to do volunteer work for the foundation.

Interested? Send us an email!


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