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The Tsarino Foundation is an international collective of artists and an architect. While restoring a formerly abandoned village in the Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains, their primary purpose is to function as an art platform.



Welcome to artists Lisa Smithson & Lee McDonald! They are here to pilot our new self-guided residency programme and work on their projects until 10 November. The pilot runs for one year. Interested? Contact us!

Razklon Gallery


Shaun C. Badham produced paper briquettes that are stacked cylindrically in the shape of a water well. At the end of the exhibition, the briquette well will be set alight for warmth facilitating group conversation and congregation.



We are busy renovating the interior of the infamous L-shaped house: two rooms now have ceilings, the ‘clay room' has a wooden floor, and some of it is painted. Stay tuned!


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Periodically, we release an open call for an artist-in-residence programme partly funded by the foundation. It is also possible for artists to do a self-funded, independent residency in Tsarino.

Past events


View documentation of past events such as our residencies, exhibitions, open studios, or the Сряда Филм Фест.



We offer accommodation and studio space in seven houses renovated on a very basic level. The general facilities include an outdoor kitchen and a solar-powered charging station for equipment and batteries.



Construction work was recently completed on the restoration of a large house in the heart of the village, using traditional building methods and materials such as oak wood and natural stones.



View documentation of wildlife and vegetation caught on camera in and around Tsarino, such as lizards, tortoises, (wild) cows, sheep, mules, donkeys, beetles, spiders, mosses, trees, flowers, bushes and other plants.



We offer exclusive privileges and Tsarino merchandise in return of donations to support the renovation and maintenance of the village and its function as a platform for contemporary art.

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