Welcome to Residencies. Here you will find information about our artist residencies and how to apply, and a project database with work from artists who have done a residency with us in the past.


We offer two types of residencies: artist-in-residence programmes which are partly funded by the foundation, and self-directed residencies financed by the artist. 


Artists wanting to do a self-funded residency can receive a discount by volunteering for the foundation before or after their residency.


Please note that due to COVID-19, we cannot yet say when the circumstances will allow for an artist residency again. However, we do regularly accept proposals for work to be shown in the Razklon Gallery, a showcase made of stone, glass and metal. It is located in the midst of nature, next to a dusty road where local cows make their daily trip to their pastures. The Razklon Gallery is fully booked until December 2021. We will accept applications for the 2022 programme between 1st August and 31st October 2021. For more info, see Razklon.