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Tsarino is situated in the Bulgarian Eastern Rhodope Mountains, near to the Greek border. In the surrounding area, igneous rocks weathered by wind and rain into characteristic rock mushrooms and pinnacles form striking features in the landscape.


The flora of the Rhodope Mountains is vibrant with over 2000 species and subspecies of higher plants in an exciting mix of Central European, Boreal, Alpine and Mediterranean species. Because of its varied terrain, vegetation and climate, the Rhodope Mountains also have a rich and diverse fauna. It comprises at least 80 species of mammals, including 31 species of bat, over 300 species of birds, including 37 species of raptors, 47 species of herpetofauna, including 14 species of amphibians and 33 species of reptiles, more than 40 species of fish, some 65 species of damselflies and dragonflies, and at least 180 species of butterfly. The invertebrate fauna also comprises a myriad of other fantastic creatures, many of them endemic to Bulgaria or the Balkan Peninsula. From:


In Tsarino, living side by side with wild animals, there are also many cows roaming around free. They belong to different people, who visit Tsarino to look for their cows every so often. Mainly, the animals take care of themselves and use the empty houses as their homes.

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