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Mother. I am Going is a three-screen audio-visual installation. Filmed in an abandoned village in southern Bulgaria, and on the North East coast of England, the film weaves together documentary, performance and archive footage to explore memory’s relationship to the cinematic image, and the discontinuity of history.

Memories return in the form of images. ‘Moments of history are plucked out of the flow of history, then returned to it – no longer quite alive but not yet entirely dead.’

Lucidity appears only in brief moments and no final truth is ever revealed.

The three screens are erected around a hand-built, scale-model island that sits in a tank of dark, flowing water, reflecting the flickering light of the screens. This island and its single house appear within the film itself.


For Lilian
With love and gratitude to our family

Sound by I G Hulme

Special thanks to our Kickstarter backers, Crescent Arts, Stuart Cameron, Christopher Ellis, Gareth Evans, Lara Goodband, Geraldine Malone, and Tsarino Foundation.

Webb-Ellis’ studio at Crescent Arts is subsidised by Arts Council England.


Mother. I am Going
HD/ PAL/ 14 min looped three-screen installation / 2014

Webb-Ellis installation shot 02

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