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Ida Thunström

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter One

Syncopes And Skin And The Heartbeat Of Tsarino

The house I chose as my working subject consists of three rooms. I selected a specific visual aspect of each room and focused on these.

With graphite and charcoal I made changes to these parts, photographed them and used the prints as the basis for my work.

With the use of prints, drawings and text, I reconstructed the rooms into a set of collages that developed into of a book consisting of three chapters.

Room one: a window.

Room two: the walls and corners.

Room three: three vertical holes on a wall.

The book as a medium contains a strong element of intimacy with its reader, and the defined borders, a beginning and an end, sets it free from its surroundings so it can keep the context strictly to itself.

By using this form of expression I could build up a new room and create a story that with the help of time could grow within its own frames, just like the houses of Tsarino.

As always in my work, some words and forms from previous works were added to the process and the system of symbols that was developed.


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