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On 6th June 2020, we officially opened the Razklon Gallery / Pазклон Галерия. This is a showcase we constructed by the road to Tsarino, providing 1m3 of exhibition space. It is named after its location by a fork in the road: ‘razklon’ is Bulgarian for ‘split’. The Razklon Gallery presents a new artwork several times a year, made by artists from anywhere in the world. The showcase is located in the midst of nature with the local community, cows and other animals as its primary audience.


The Razklon Gallery is situated by the side of the dirt road between Chorbadzhiysko and Tsarino. This specific road plays a modest but very central role in the area. Running through forests, fields and even some rocky cliffs, it connects the scenery to many aspects of daily life. Loggers use the road to access the forest and transport the wood they cut, other members of the local community use it to hunt, forage mushrooms, or let their cows roam around. In addition, the road is often travelled by families, originally from Tsarino, to visit the mosque, its cemetery and the village itself. 



The gallery consists of a glass and metal showcase (about 1m3) mounted onto a stone base built according to traditional methods, resembling the characteristic stone structures that can be found throughout the region, e.g. in houses or walls. The base also functions as a road sign. The gallery is situated by a fork in the road halfway between Chorbadzhiysko and Tsarino, with a third road leading to the village of Vulchanka. Integrated into the sides of the stone base are three letters indicating the direction to the three villages: В, Ч, and Ц. 

Making of the Razklon Gallery

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