The Razklon Gallery offers artists the opportunity to show their work for one month between hills, fields and forests, next to a dusty road where the local cows make their daily trip to their pastures. We are looking for works that somehow relate to the showcase, its environment or the remoteness of the setting, or oppose this entirely.

Update regarding COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, we cannot yet say when the circumstances will allow for an artist residency again. However, we have decided to follow through with the official opening of our new exhibition space, the Razklon Gallery. The isolated location of this showcase naturally provides a safe place in the current corona crisis; located in the mids of nature it exists far away from the virus and the crowds. To add extra visibility, all works in the showcase are carefully documented and published online. This way, we hope to continue functioning as an art platform, hosting artists from all around the world. 


What does this mean in a practical sense?


TRAVEL: we do not currently recommend travelling to Tsarino. If you would still like to come and install your work, please keep an eye on the news and inform yourself about the current state of affairs. Don’t make any plans without consulting us first.


POST: it is possible to send us your work by post, as international mail is currently allowed into Bulgaria. Contact us for the address!


OTHER POSSIBILITIES: we are also open to other suggestions. For example, we could construct something locally as per telephone or email instructions, colour print A4 works, establish a live telephone connection, etc. Contact us with your idea!



Objects in the showcase will be exposed to full sunlight. We offer optional UV protection by means of clear UV protection film we can stick to the glass. As some artists may want to use the UV light as part of their work, we will draw up an exhibition schedule based in part on whether or not a UV filter is needed.


The Razklon Gallery is fully booked until December 2021. We will accept applications for the 2022 programme between 1st August and 31st October 2021. Download the application pack.

The celebratory opening of Charlotte Mumm's exhibition Days After Sight, on 30 December 2020.